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Roll-out dance mats are an ideal choice for tap dancers, flamenco dancers, and cloggers.





Owning your own Dance Mat is a great idea for the professional or aspiring professional dancer who needs a hardwood surface for practice or performance.

Dance Mat Direct (LLC) Dance Mats are portable and durable.

Handcrafted product made in the USA.






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“The most important thing to a Tap dancer is an excellent pair of Tap shoes. The next important thing is an excellent floor to dance on. I am extremely happy with my dance mat and it has opened new possibilities for venues to perform at because I no longer have to be concerned about what type of surface I am going to Tap dance on whether it be indoors or outdoors. The sound of the mat is great and it is not too sticky or slippery. The mat is easy to transport and store.

The Flamenco dancers at my performing arts school, Heartbeat Studios, Inc. (Apple Valley, MN) also appreciate the dance mat for their art form. During a recent performance at the Hot Summer Jazz Festival in Minneapolis, MN (Orchestra Hall/Peavy Plaza) I pieced multiple mats together to form a larger dance area. The mats stayed in place and gave me a very stable dance surface. As an added benefit, the dance mats look beautiful from the audience’s perspective.”




— Deborah Lysholm, Owner/Director Heartbeat Studios, Inc.





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