Roll-out dance mats are an ideal choice for tap dancers, flamenco dancers, and cloggers.




Dance Mat Direct (LLC) Dance Mats require some maintenance.

Store the Dance Mat in a dry place. Wood reacts to dampness and humidity.

While opening and folding the Dance Mat, it is recommended that two persons be involved.

Exercise caution while opening and folding the Dance Mat so you don't pinch your fingers between the slats! It is recommended that you wear gloves while rolling and unrolling the mat.

If you are placing the Dance Mat on a particularly slippery surface, you may want to tape the corners of the Dance Mat to the floor, or place it on a piece of non-skid rubber carpet underlay to avoid slippage.

Periodic sanding and re-varnishing is recommended.

The urethane covering, the adhesive, the wood and the canvas are all flammable products. Keep this product away from open flame or high heat and moisture.

The manufacturer neither assumes nor accepts any responsibility or liability for personal injury or property damage incurred by or through the use of this product.

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